6 June 2024

The Thai-Myanmar Border Command Centre, in Thailand’s northernmost Mae Hong Son province, issued a warning today (Friday), advising people not to venture into border areas in the Mae Sariang and Khun Yuam districts for their safety, as fighting between Myanmar government forces and Karenni rebels continues.

It said that Thailand is not involved in the conflict and will not support either side or allow them to use Thai territory for their benefit. It also urged the Thai media to check news reports for accuracy before publication or broadcast, in order not to cause public panic. 

The command centre reported that there are currently 4,085 refugees from Myanmar in two shelters on Thai soil, one in Ban Sao Hin in Mae Sariang district and the other in Mae Ngao sub-district in Khun Yuam district.

The command centre said that the refugees are being taken care of by Thai authorities and being provided with food, drinking water and other necessities, as well as heath care.

Thai health officials, according to the command centre, have fumigated their shelters to get rid of mosquitoes and are conducting blood tests for malaria, so proper treatment can be administered.

As far as the fighting in Myanmar is concerned, the Naresuan task force and local administration officials have been closely monitoring the situation with air surveillance support from the Royal Thai Force.