Thailand’s PM assures coronavirus situation is “100% under control”

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has assured the public that the novel coronavirus situation in Thailand is “100% under control” and that he will personally take charge of overseeing the operations of all related agencies to deal with the virus, as well as the PM2.5 dust pollution.

Despite the success, he said that there was no room for carelessness or complacency, as he urged members of the public to take care of their health and cooperate fully with the authorities in preventing or containing the spread of the virus, noting that the disease is preventable if close contact with those thought to be infected is avoided.

In a nation-wide address, broadcast via the Thai TV Pool, the Prime Minister said that Thailand is fully-equipped to cope with novel coronavirus, citing the recent rating by Johns Hopkins, which put Thailand 6th out of 195 countries for having effective early warning and preventive systems to cope with an outbreak of a communicable disease.

He disclosed that the Public Health Ministry has already upgraded its readiness, in line with the situation, and has mobilized all resources available to be posted at various locations, including air and sea ports and border crossings, to screen tourist arrivals, especially those from China.

Emphasizing the principle that the safety of the people is paramount, the Prime Minister assured that the Government will not resort to cover ups or the withholding of information from the public.

He complained, however, that there is serious concern not just about the virus, but about fake news as well, as inaccurate information is being spread by people, even those doing so with good intentions.

Regarding the PM2.5 dust pollution, the Prime Minister said that the Government has not been complacent, but is treating the issue as a national agenda.

He also said that the Interior Ministry, the City and all provincial administrations have been told to adopt a single command method to enforce the laws covering sources of atmospheric pollutants, such as automobiles, factories and burning of waste in the open.


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