6 June 2024

Move Forward party’s Pita Limjaroenrat said on Thursday that his eight-party coalition is taking shape and whether more parties will join the coalition depends on the negotiating team he has set up, adding “The initial goal of the negotiation team is to find the optimal number that gives me stability, as well as making sure that we can work as a team”.

He was speaking at a crowded press conference at a Bangkok hotel, along with representatives of the seven other coalition partners, namely Pheu Thai, Prachachat, Thai Sang Thai, Seri Ruam Thai, Palang Sangkom Mai, Pheu Thai Ruam Palang, Pentham, which have a combined 313 House seats.

Pita said his party has a clear roadmap from today until he becomes PM, which includes negotiation and transition teams handling a wide range of matters.

Asked about his party’s position on lèse majesté laws, Pita said the issue has been debated countless times. “It’s very clear how we will approach the relationship between monarchy and people of modern Thailand” he said.

The Pita-led coalition will prepare an innovative Memorandum of Understanding, which will detail the joint agenda of all the parties. The MOU will be published on May 22nd, to explain what the coalition government will do to solve the country’s political, economic and social problems.

Pita said the negotiation and transition teams will sort out any differences among the coalition partners, ensure continuity of government and the reduce risks and destabilising factors that could damage the country, the economy, the markets or economic indicators.

He said he expects to start working for the people soon.