6 June 2024

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has extended the ban on all flights into Thailand, except diplomatic, technical, medical and emergency landings, until June 30th, or until there is a significant change in the global COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The ban was originally to end of May 31st.

CAAT director, Mr. Chula Sookmanop, said that passengers and air crew on those exempted flights will be subject to 14-days in state quarantine if they want to enter Thailand.

Meanwhile, Health Department director-general Dr. Panpi Wipulakorn said today that a recently conducted survey shows that Thai people have become less diligent about observing safety measures, with 72.5% strictly complying, compared to 77.6% in the previous survey.

In preparation for the further easing of lockdown restrictions tomorrow (Sunday), she said health officials have told the managements of businesses and leisure facilities to cleanse all the contact points, such as escalator handrails, service counters, floors, walls and restrooms, hourly.

Cleaning staff will be subject to temperature screenings every day and special attention must be given to the disposal of an expected increase in garbage.