11 July 2024

Thailand’s ranking, by number of confirmed COVID-19 infections, has improved from 15th to 16th place, a position it shares with Australia, based on WHO figures, according to Dr. Thaweesilp Wissanuyothin, a senior doctor attached to the 10th Health region.

WHO Ranking of 20 countries with most confirmed COVID19 cases

  1. China – 80,422
  2. Republic of Korea – 5,328
  3. Italy – 2,502
  4. Iran (Islamic Republic of) – 2,336
  5. International conveyance (Diamond Princess) – 706
  6. Japan – 287
  7. France – 212
  8. Germany – 196
  9. Spain – 151
  10. Singapore – 110
  11. United States of America – 108
  12. Kuwait – 56
  13. United Kingdom – 51
  14. Malaysia – 50
  15. Bahrain – 49
  16. Australia & Thailand – 43
  17. Switzerland – 37
  18. Norway – 32
  19. Iraq  – 31
  20. Canada  – 30

At the time of this report, Thailand had 43 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with one fatality. 31 patients have recovered and most have returned home, leaving 11 still in hospital, including one severe case who is on life support, but in a stable condition.

In Thailand, 3,680 cases have been investigated since January 3rd. Of those, 2,435 have been allowed to return home.  Worldwide, there have been 92,321 confirmed cases as of March 3rd.

To prevent confusion, caused by information coming from different sources, the Thai government is to set up the COVID-19 Information Centre, which will serve as a central information resource related to the virus.  The centre will provide information to the public and receive complaints.

Nineteen Thai workers returning from South Korea have been found to have a fever and are being treated as patients under investigation, said Dr. Thaweesilp. They have been sent to a hospital for tests and treatment, but none are yet confirmed to be infected with COVID-19.  The remainder of the returnees have been taken home for 14 days quarantine on special Bor Khor Sor buses.

Dr. Thaweesilp asked the public to treat the returning workers with dignity, saying that they went abroad to work to support their families in Thailand.

As Thai citizens, the returnees have the right of access to medical services, said the senior doctor, as he urged the returning workers to observe the 14-day self-quarantine rigidly.