6 June 2024

The Bank of Thailand has assured the public that the new 100-baht and 1,000-baht banknotes, issued to commemorate HM the King’s Coronation last year, are printed using advanced technology to prevent counterfeiting.

Central Bank Deputy Governor Paibul Kittisrikangwan said today that a three dimensional printing technique and magnetic inks were used in the printing process, making the notes difficult to duplicate, replicate or counterfeit.

Twenty million 100-baht notes and ten million 1,000-baht notes have been printed to commemorate the auspicious event.

He also addressed public concern that the commemorative 100-bath note is quite similar to the existing 1,000-bath note, because of their size and colour, and that may be confused when being spent. Paibul said that the standard 1,000-baht notes are about 1.2cm longer than the commemorative 100-baht notes, the denominations are clearly visible and they should not be easily mistaken.