Thailand’s Amateur Weight-lifting Association committee quits over doping scandal

The executive committee of the Amateur Weight-lifting Association of Thailand has resigned en masse ”to show responsibility” after a former Thai Olympic bronze medallist told German TV that Thai weight-lifters have been using banned substances since they were young.

German ARD television broadcast a documentary, about corruption in the world’s weight lifting community and the widespread use of banned substances on January 5th, in which Ms. Siriput Kulanoi, a former Thai weight-lifter who won a bronze medal in the 2012 Olympic Games, told the German interviewer, without knowing that her conversation was being secretly recorded, that she, as well as other Thai weight-lifters, had used banned substances since she was 13.

The documentary was also shown to the International Olympic Committee.

In a statement issued today, Mrs. Busaba Yodbangtoei, the chairwoman of the Amateur World Lifting Association of Thailand, said that Ms. Siriput gave the interview without knowing that her interviewer was a German media representative and thought he was just a potential customer interested in applying for membership of her fitness club.

She claimed that the use of banned substances involved weight lifters of a club and the incident took place in 2011, adding that the athletes involved in the malpractice and the club had been punished by the Sports Association of Thailand and the Amateur Weight-lifting Association of Thailand.

Mrs. Busaba claimed that the audio clip of Ms. Siriput’s interview was edited in a way which caused damage to the image and reputation of Thailand.

Expressing regret for the incident, she said she and the committee agreed to accept responsibility by resigning, effective today.


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