Thailand’s 2021 corruption standing drops six places to 110th out of 180 countries

Thailand’s corruption standing fell six places, ranked 110th, in the 2021 Corruption Perception Index, with a score of 35 out of 100, according to survey of 180 countries conducted and released today (Tuesday) by Transparency International, a global civil society organization leading the fight against corruption.

Thailand’s score dropped by one point from 36 in 2020. The country has fallen nine places from 2019.

Singapore was the top performer in Southeast Asia for the least corruption and was placed fourth in the world with a score of 85.

In ASEAN, Singapore is followed by Malaysia at 48 points, Timor-Leste’s 41 points, Vietnam’s 39 points, Indonesia’s 38 points and Thailand’s 35 points.

Next is the Philippines at 33 points, The Lao PDR 30 points, Myanmar 28 points, and Cambodia 23 points. No score was given for Brunei.

Topping the chart globally are Denmark, Finland and New Zealand, which scored 88 points. Norway scored 85, equaling Singapore.

Nine data sources are drawn upon in the assessment for the CPI index for 2021, including:

• Effectiveness of suppression of corruption and law enforcement against offenders.
• Transparency and accountability in public sector spending.
• Corruption in the executive, legislative and judicial branches.
• The involvement of business operations in corruption.
• The use of political power in corruption, patronage.
• Bribery involved in the various processes of doing business.


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