23 May 2024

International air services in and out of Thailand will resume on Wednesday July 1st, after the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand decided to allow six groups of foreigners and citizens from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China and Hong Kong access to the country.

From July 1st, the following will be allowed to travel to and from Thailand:

  • Spouses and children of those who have permits to work in Thailand, or who are allowed to work by a government agency
  • Documented expatriates
  • Foreign spouses and legitimate children of Thai citizens and foreigners who are married
  • Foreigners seeking medical treatment, excluding treatment for COVID-19
  • Foreign students and their parents
  • Non-Thais who are allowed into the country under other special arrangements

These foreigners will be subject to 14-days of mandatory quarantine at state alternative quarantine facilities at their own expense.

The number of such arrivals is capped at 200 a day.

Citizens from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China and Hong Kong will not be required to enter state quarantine if their stay in Thailand is brief, but they must be tested for COVID-19 in their home countries and, again, upon arrival in Thailand.  During their stay in Thailand, they are also required to use the Thai Chana tracing app, so that their movements can be monitored.  Group arrivals are set at 10 per group at most.

Moreover, certain special flights are allowed into Thailand. They include flights by state or military aircraft, emergency and technical landings, humanitarian aid flights, medical and relief flights, repatriation and cargo flights.