7 June 2024

The Thai government is planning to collect an additional 300 baht from all tourists entering the kingdom, starting this April.

The revenues will be used for tourist insurance coverage and infrastructure improvement for sustainable tourism. In the case of death, the family of the tourist will receive maximum compensation of 1 million baht. A maximum of 500,000 baht will be available for medical expenses.

It is expected that this additional tax will be added to and collected through airfares. The process for collection from tourists arriving over land is currently under consideration.

The government says it expects between 5 and 15 million visitors this year, depending on the COVID-19 situation, generating an expected income of between 800 billion baht. Another 700 billion baht is expected to be generated this year from domestic tourism.

Government spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana said that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is going forward with a tourism promotion plan, under the concept of “Amazing Thailand New Chapter”, to be launched later this month. The government is also aiming to revamp its tourism strategy, with a greater focus on sustainability.

The government estimates that, if the situation returns to normal, and if tourists mainly come from Europe and the United States, Thailand is likely to see 5 million tourists arrive. This could rise to 15 million if arrivals from China, India and neighbouring countries increase.