6 June 2024

The CCSA’s subcommittee in Thailand, which considers the easing of lockdown restrictions, has decided to extend the state of emergency for another month, until the end of July.

National Security Council Secretary-General Somsak Rungsita, in his capacity as head of the subcommittee, said Thursday that the panel’s decision will be proposed to the CCSA for finalization on Monday.

He explained that the subcommittee felt that the state of emergency is still necessary, especially with further easing of restrictions in Thailand. This time around, the easing will apply to high risk business and leisure activities, such as pubs, bars, karaoke bars and massage parlors, which will become effective next month.

He added that, under the fifth phase of relaxations, schools will also reopen, exposing students to physical contact with one another and increasing the risk of viral transmission.

Thailand imposed a state emergency on March 26th and introduced lockdown restrictions to stem the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. It has, so far, been extended twice.

The national 11pm-3am curfew was lifted on June 15th.