6 June 2024

Thailand recorded two new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, both among returnees from abroad, but no new fatalities.

CCSA spokesman Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin said that the two new patients, Thai males aged 47 and 48 who worked as freelancers in Kuwait, tested positive for coronavirus upon their arrival at Suvarnabhumi international airport on June 29th, both coughing and pyretic, adding that they were immediately sent to hospital for treatment.

He said that Thais returning from Kuwait account for most infections among those arriving back in Thailand, representing 15.25% of the 293 returnees from Kuwait.

He added that Thailand has been without a locally transmitted infection for 37 consecutive days.

Accumulated infections to date in the country are 3,173, with 3,059 recoveries and 58 deaths.  56 others are still being treated in hospital.

As Thailand enters the 5th phase of lockdown relaxations today, Dr. Taweesin said that people can now enjoy a normal life, but in a “New Normal” way, adding that they must take good care of themselves and wear face masks when they are in public, because activities now resuming operations are high risk in nature.

Regarding the Than Chana tracing platform, the CCSA spokesman said more than 32 million people have used the system so far, while about 250,000 businesses and other venues have registered.

Bars, karaoke bars, pubs, tea houses and massage parlors must register with the platform before they can resume business, he said.

Globally, cumulative infections are about 10.5 million, with about 176,000 new infections being recorded today. The United States broke the daily record for new infections today, at about 46,000.