Thailand records new highs for COVID-19 infections, deaths on Thursday

Photo: The US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

COVID-19 infections have soared to a new high of 72,478 cases today (Thursday), including 22,984 diagnosed using RT-PCR tests and 49,494 using rapid antigen tests. The daily death toll also rose to this year’s record high of 74, according to the COVID-19 Information Centre.

The official infection figure reported by Thai authorities includes only those whose infections have been confirmed by RT-PCR tests. People testing positive using rapid antigen tests, whose number is on the rise due to the widespread administration of the tests, will need to have their infections confirmed by RT-PCR tests.

The highest daily death toll since the pandemic began was recorded on August 18, 2021 at 312.

Total infections this year are recorded at 888,422, with 699,517 having recovered, leaving 220,334 who are still undergoing treatment.

Of the infections found in RT-PCR screening, 22,937 are locally-acquired cases and the remaining 47 are among overseas arrivals.

The Department of Disease Control reported today that 1,238 patients have developed lung infections, with 420 requiring ventilators.

Senior health officials have predicted that daily infections may reach 100,000 before they start to stabilise and reduce.


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