23 May 2024

Thailand is committed to remaining neutral concerning, what is in effect, a civil war in Myanmar, and will help as required restore peace in the country, said Thai Foreign Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara today.

“We wish to see an end to the conflict and all conflicting parties start negotiations. Thailand, as a close neighbour, has previously shouldered the impacts of the domestic problems of Myanmar,” he said.

Parnpree was speaking at a press conference after attending a special meeting, hosted by the prime minister, following the seizure of Myawaddy township by rebel forces

Based on past experience, he said an influx of displaced people is expected to seek shelter on Thai soil.

The maximum number of immigrants Thailand can accommodate is 100,000. If the number exceeds that, Thailand will seek assistance from the international community, he said.

He said he has put measures in place to ensure that Thai authorities will not place conflicting Myanmar nationals together. Parnpree said the military will be responsible for strengthening security along the border and The military has already increased manpower there.

He called on Myanmar’s neighbours, India, China, Laos, and Bangladesh, to play their part in the resolving issues, as they are also affected.

After the fall of Myawaddy, Myanmar requested permission for its aircraft collect officers and their family members who fled into Thailand over the last three days.

Only one aircraft landed at an airport in Tak province on Sunday night and Myanmar cancelled the request for permission for further flights to land in Thailand.

People were seen loading boxes onto the aircraft, but no Myanmar nationals boarded the flight. Rumours spread that inside the boxes was money and gold from Myawaddy. Parnpree denied those rumours, stating that Myanmar did not request to use the aircraft to transfer such items.

He clarified that the aircraft that landed on Thai soil was not military, as rumoured.