11 July 2024

The Central Committee on the Price of Goods and Services has decided to freeze the prices of 46 items, including instant noodles, vegetable oil, canned food and five services, until the end of June next year, according to Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit.

Price controls on these goods and services were due to expire at the end of this month.

The minister said today (Thursday) that price controls are necessary in the wake of a rise in the prices of food and numerous consumer products, due to a steady increase in energy prices.

He said that he has instructed governors and commerce officials in all provinces to monitor prices of goods, to prevent traders from hiking the prices of controlled products.

The minister dismissed reports of a shortage of canned fish and vegetable oil, as he assured that there is sufficient supply to meet domestic demand, adding that a panel has been set up specifically to monitor bottled vegetable and palm oils, to ensure that there is no shortage.

He also assured the public that the price of instant noodles will not be increased, after a major producer complained that the cost of wheat, which is the main ingredient, has increased substantially due to the war in Ukraine, a major exporter of wheat.

The 46 items, the prices of which are subject to control, are grouped into nine categories, among them are paper and paper products, transport-related products, farm-related products, petroleum products, medicines, construction materials, “important” farm products, consumer products and food.

Among such products are corrugated, craft and printing paper, bicycle and car tires, motorcycles and trucks, water pumps, fertiliser, chicken, chicken eggs durian, powdered milk and milk products, wheat flour, pork, canned food, student uniforms, vegetable oil, medicines, cement, steel rods, iron sheets and structural steel, shampoo, sanitary paper, sanitary napkins, detergent, dish washing products, diapers, soap, farm trucks, pesticides, harvest machinery, animal feeds and more.