23 May 2024

A Thai private rescue team is playing a crucial role in the operation to search and rescue Laotian villagers stranded by the floods that have devastated large areas in Sanamxay district of Attapeu province in southern Laos.

Members of “Hook 31”, a private relief foundation based in Nakhon Ratchasima, were the first foreign rescue team to arrive in the flood-hit areas. They have been working with Laotian authorities since Wednesday to locate villagers dislodged from their homes.

A post in its Facebook yesterday reported that they focused their operation on three villages in Sanamxay district. They have found and rescued six children, seven adults and a dog stranded on an islet for four days.

Besides, the rescue operation, the Thai team also brought water and relief items to the flood-affected areas. A team member, Suppachai Namkaew, described the rescue mission as difficult as the grounds in most areas have turned muddy.

The Thai Royal Thai Air Force has also flown relief items to the flood-hit areas while Thai medics have been providing medical assistance to the flood victims. Several government and private organizations across Thailand have also been mobilizing financial and material support for the Laotian flood victims.