Thai Raksa Chart supporters urged to vote for Pheu Thai

A deputy leader of the dissolved Thai Raksa Chart party has called on supporters to vote for the Pheu Thai party or for anti-military parties in constituencies where no Pheu Thai candidates are standing.

Dr. Pongsak Phusitsakul, also a party-list candidate, described today’s dissolution by order of the Constitutional Court as another milestone in Thai political history, adding on Facebook“there are no words to describe how I feel for the fallout affecting the candidates and staff who volunteered to serve the people and who have been working so hard.”

Over the past four months he said he has enjoyed a lot of good experiences while working with the candidates and other party members who come from different backgrounds but who are dedicated to serving the people.

“We may never meet one another again on the political road, but on the road of democratic struggle to bring about all things good for the country, we will definitely meet again,” said Pongsak.

Immediately after the Constitutional Court delivered its dissolution verdict, Thai Raksa Chart party leader Preechaphol Pongpanich told the media in the court’s compound that he accepts the ruling with sadness adding, however, that the dissolution order has affected the basic political rights and liberties of the candidates and public alike.

“We have tried our best and we want to see the country move forward in the right direction and we want to do good things for the country with sincerity,” said Preechaphol, adding “I would like to thank our candidates and the people who have been on our side all along.  Although we may not arrive at where we wished, I would like to thank everybody.”


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