Thai Raksa Chart party says it’s ready to comply with Royal Command

The pro-Thaksin Thai Raksa Chart party today issued a statement saying it will comply with the Royal Command of His Majesty the King which states his objection to the party’s nomination of Princess Ubolratana as its prime ministerial candidate.

The party also pledged to adhere to the electoral regulations and the Constitution “with respect for Royal tradition and custom.”

The party’s statement came several hours after the issuance of the Royal Command last night stressing that the Royal Family is traditionally and constitutionally above politics and involving any member of the Royal Family in politics is highly inappropriate as it contravenes with the spirit of the Constitution as well as Royal tradition and custom.

The party’s statements reads as follows:  “The Thai Raksa Chart party accepts the Royal Command with loyalty to HM the King and every member of the Royal Family.  The Thai Raksa Chart party is grateful for the compassion of HRH Princess Ubolratana who has shown kindness to the Thai Raksa Chart party in performing its duties in accordance with the rules of the Election Commission, the election law and the Constitution and is ready to implement policies to bring about prosperity to Thailand in line with the judgment of the people in conformity with democratic rule with HM the King as the head of the state.”

Earlier this morning, the party announced the cancellation of its campaign visits in Bangkok by its party leader and several members of the executive board.  No explanation was given for the abrupt cancellation of the program, but it is thought that the move is related to last night’s Royal Command, which appears to have dealt a severe blow to the party.


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