Thai Raksa Chart party has a “Young Blood” as its leader

A former Khon Kaen MP, Preechaphol Pongpanich,  was today  voted leader of Thai Raksa Chart (Thai Nation Protection) party, an off-shoot of Pheu Thai party.

Others appointed to key positions in the party during a general assembly include Rupob Shinawatra, Ms Sunee Luangvichit, Pruethichai Viriyaroj and Dr Pongsak Phusitsakol who were voted the deputy leaders; Mitti Tiyapairat, party secretary-general; Ton Na Ranong, Kanapote Jomrith and Wim Rungwattanachida, deputy secretaries-general.

Most of them are members of prominent political families and are seen as allies of Pheu Thai party  and portraying themselves as “political young blood”. Executive committee members include Rungruang Pittiyasiri and Chulapong Nonsrichai.

Preechaphol, 38,  said that the Thai Raksa Chart Party is a “melting pot” of different generations of Thai people who share the same ideology.

After the general assembly today, he said the party’s executive committee and the election committee are to set the ground rule for working in close consultation with the advisory panel and to work out its policy platform for presentation to the people.

He said the party would put top priority on technology to be used as the key engine to upgrade the livelihood of the people and to increase competitiveness.
Preechaphol insisted the party has its own ideology independent from Pheu Thai party.

Praising Pheu Thai as a good party, he said the fact that several Pheu Thai core members had quit the party not because they have an internal conflict.

He said his party would field as many candidates as possible in both constituency and party list categories even if they have to compete with Pheu Thai candidiates in some constituencies.

Asked whether his party will adopt some of Pheu Thai policies, he said:  “Wise men won’t reject previous policies which have been proven successful.”

Asked whether Panthongtae Shinawatra, the only son of fugitive former prime minister Thaksin, will join the party, Preechaphol said he has not been approached yet.
“We are the new generation people who have experience, knowledge and determination to walk this road even if the road ahead is not smooth.  But we will walk with our hearts, to do for the people for the country to advance forward with the hands of everyone,” said the young party leader. 


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