Thai private sector to propose economy-boosting measures to PM on Sunday

Sanan Angubolkul, president of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, told an economic forum today (Saturday) that five regional chambers of commerce have been developing measures, to be complied into a white paper, for submission to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, who is scheduled to meet with members of the private sector tomorrow.

The measures include, among others, speedy distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to cover everyone nationwide, extension of the 50:50 co-payment and “shop dee mee kuen” (the more you spend, the more you get) schemes, household debt reduction and assistance for small and medium sized enterprises.

He said that they expect that their proposals to be implemented by the government, which will help in accelerating economic recovery post COVID-19.

He also warned entrepreneurs to brace for increasing oil prices in the coming year which, he predicted, will increase production costs and the selling prices of all products.

In the meantime, he urged the government to try to find ways to help cushion such impacts on public transport and the general cost of living.

Addressing the forum, Energy Minister Supattanapong Punmeechaow assured that the government will be able to distribute COVID-19 vaccines across the country and achieve 100% inoculation of Thailand’s population this year.

Moreover, he said that the government has procured sufficient COVID-19 medicines for all patients and has taken steps not to avoid a repeat of the lack of hospital beds.

On the economic front, Supattanapong said that the government has been trying to reduce energy costs and non-tariff barriers, which may affect Thailand’s competitiveness in the world market, adding that businessmen will see some changes in the Thai economic structure next year.

He also said the government has approved, in principle, a project to tempt up to one million foreign experts and investors to spend more time in Thailand, which will help boost the local economy.



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