23 May 2024

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has reiterated his intention to open Thailand fully to foreign visitors in the next 120 days, or within October, and is urging everyone to do their best to achieve that goal.

“I would like to confirm, once again, that every agency and individual must do their utmost. (I) don’t want anyone to begin with the thought that the goal is unattainable. Today, the people are struggling for survival. Every passing day and week is important for them” said the prime minister.

“We do the job with a clear target,” he said, as he predicted that there may be some disruptions, such as delayed vaccine deliveries, the possible emergence of new variants or other factors.

Meanwhile, 91.4% of respondents to an opinion poll, conducted by Super Poll, said they agree with the government’s plan to reopen Thailand, in parallel with proper disease controls, after at least 50 million Thais have received their first vaccine dose.

8.6% of the respondents, however, disagreed with the plan, according the survey of 1,069 people.

94.9% believe in the ability of Thai health officials to contain the pandemic, which will make it possible for the country to reopen to foreign visitors.

86.9% hailed the plan as well-thought out and clear, which will help boost confidence in the reopening of the country.