12 June 2024

Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said today that he will accept and respect the verdict of the Constitutional Court, expected this Wednesday, whatever the outcome and he has not thought about a Plan B, in case the verdict goes against him.

The charter court is to deliver its verdict in a case in which he isaccused, by the opposition Pheu Thai party, of illegally overstaying at the official residence of the army commander-in-chief, after his retirement from the post, without paying any rent,which is deemed to be a conflict of interest and in violation of the Constitution.  If the court rules against him, he will lose his premiership.

The prime minister said that he is not that worried about the court’s decision, adding that, if it is against him, it will make the decision about his future easier.

Regarding the official residence of the prime minister, at Ban Phitsanuloke, which has been under renovation for quite a long time, the prime minister said that the house is too big for his family, adding that he will decide whether to move in once renovation work is completed.

He also said that he is not worried about the speculation that Ban Phitsanuloke is haunted and cursed, believing that the deity at the house will protect someone like him, who is devoted to the protection of the Nation, the Religion and the Monarchy – the three pillars of the Thai society.

He went on to say that he is willing to move out of his present residence, in the compound of an army barracks, if the army wants it back, adding that he has a house elsewhere, but it is small and he has to take into consideration several matters, including his security, if he is to move there.

Clarifying his recent remark, that he will get tough with the protesters, the prime minister said he only meant that law enforcement officials, including the police, the prosecutors and the court, must strictly enforce the law, to ensure safety of life and property, and that free expression should not affect the rights of the other people or cause trouble.

He also complained about, what he claimed is, the media’s biased presentation of new by giving a lot of space to the protesters while providing little coverage to the activities of Their Majesties the King and Queen.