Thai PM imposes lockdown restrictions in 28 “Red Zone” provinces from Monday

A set of lockdown measures, which include travel restrictions, voluntary working from home, school closures, a ban on serving alcohol in restaurants and on all crowd-attracting activities, especially in 28 provinces declared as Red Zones, will come into force tomorrow (Monday).

Invoking the Emergency Decree, Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha imposed eight preventive measures, aimed at curbing the current and relentless surge of COVID-19 infections in the country.

There is a ban on the use of all buildings or premises, deemed to be at risk of spreading the contagion, for teaching, examinations, training or other activities which would bring people together, except for official and charitable activities.

People living in the Red Zones are advised to suspend or postpone any plans to travel out of the provinces, unless it is absolutely necessary. Police will be deployed to check vehicles leaving and entering the Red Zones.

To reduce congestion in offices, businesses will be asked to arrange staggered working hours, or alternate day working for their staff.

Sale and consumption of alcohol in restaurants will be banned, but customers will be allowed to dine in.

All shopping malls, community malls, department stores, exhibition centres, conference halls, convenience stores, super markets can remain open as usual, but must follow the guidelines laid down by the CCSA.

All crowd-based activities, such as conferences, seminars, banquets, distribution of food or other items, are banned in all Red Zones, except for activities organized by official organizations and with the approval of the authorities.


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