Thai PBS World Daily – Your news roundup of the day (8th September 2022)

Thai PBS World Daily is here to provide you with a daily news roundup of the top stories in Thailand. Here’s what you need to know for today.

Thailand’s Charter Court asks for more information on PM’s term case

The Constitutional Court is scheduled to meet again on September 14th, to discuss the 8-year term in office of suspended Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, after it instructed the secretary-general of the House of Representatives to submit additional information by the end of next Tuesday. The nine Constitutional Court justices met today to discuss term in office matter, but the outcome was inconclusive.

Bill to end the rights of senators in the selection of Thailand’s PM ditched by parliament

The hopes of non-governmental organisations to strip senators of the right to select the prime minister have been dashed, after parliament rejected their bill seeking to amend Section 272 of the Constitution. The bill received 356 votes from senators and MPs at their joint meeting on Wednesday, which is short of the 364 required for the bill to pass.

Campaign launched for the drafting of a new charter to “reset” Thailand’s political future

The opposition Move Forward Party has launched a campaign urging the public to support its proposal for a new Constitution, to be drafted by an elected panel, to “reset” Thailand’s political future. The party’s leader, Pita Limjaroenrat, said that parliament’s rejection of the Bill seeking to strip senators of the ability to select the prime minister was a huge setback for democracy.

Ex-DPM Somkid says effecting change is more important than being PM

Thailand’s former Deputy Prime Minister and chairman of the Sarng Anakot Thai Party, Somkid Jatusripitak, said today that he does not aspire to become the next prime minister in his political comeback, because being a leader who can make changes is much more important.

Thai medical organisations ask government to rethink cannabis legalisation

The Medical Council of Thailand, along with 16 other medical organisations and royal colleges, have signed a petition seeking to limit the use of cannabis to medical purposes and firmly opposing its recreational use. They also believe that medicinal use of cannabis must be based on empirical evidence, and that doctors be trained on how to use it.


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