11 July 2024

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Thai political activist Srisuwan attacked at Technology Crime Suppression Division

Political activist Srisuwan Janya was physically attacked this morning, as he was giving an interview to the media, while he was at the office of Technology Crime Suppression Division to lodge a complaint against a stand-up comedian, Udom Taephanich.

Before the sudden attack, Srisuwan alleged that Udom’s online talk contained some remarks which could be deemed to incite the public to participate in protests, which may threaten national security, public order and the rights of the other people.

First case of drug resistant Omicron BQ.1 sub-variant found in Thailand

The Centre for Medical Genomics, at Ramathibodi Hospital, has found the first case in Thailand of a descendant of the COVID-19 Omicron BA.5 sub-variant, called BQ.1.

BQ.1 is reportedly capable of evading antibodies from a COVID-19 infection or those generated by vaccination.

BQ.1 spreads 15% faster than the BA.5.2 sub-variant. So, it is possible that BQ.1 could become a dominant strain at the end of this year or early next.

Irrigation road collapses sending floodwater into three districts of Ayutthaya

Residents in three districts of Ayutthaya Province, and those living along canals, have been advised to move their valuables to higher ground quickly, after an irrigation road and embankment partially collapsed last night.

The Ayutthaya Governor said last night that a huge drainage pipe had been installed beneath the irrigation road by the Royal Irrigation Department.

Floodwall built to prevent flooded landfill leaking into Muang district of Ang Thong

Municipal officials and workers from the Muang district of Ang Thong Province are building a two-metre high wall, to prevent polluted water from a flooded landfill from flowing into the town.

Water from the Lam Tha Daeng Canal, which connects with the swollen Noi River, has already breached an embankment and entered the landfill, in Thewarat sub-district. About 300,000 tonnes of rotting garbage are still in the landfill.