Thai Pakdee royalist group to rally this Sunday

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The royalist Thai Pakdee group has urged its supporters and the public to join a rally this Sunday, at a venue yet to be decided, to protest against alleged intimidation by the Free People and Free Youth movements.

Leader of the pro-Monarchy group, former Democrat MP Dr. Wawrong Dechgitvigrom, said on Facebook today that the group will no longer tolerate intimidation by anti-Monarchy elements who, he claims, have been threatening movie stars and members of the media who oppose their ideology.

“Their behavior is very dangerous, because it follows that of the Red Guards during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, or the Khmer Rouge Youth during the genocidal period in Cambodia,” said Dr. Warong.

“Their method is to incite youth into wanting something new, which is better, and to intimidate others into not getting in their way. This will lead to the destruction of their political enemies. What they have forgotten, however, is that their parents and teachers are more knowledgeable than they are and there are more royalists than those who want to overthrow (the Monarchy), because they are yet to come out,” said the founder of the Thai Pakdee royalist group.

“Now, it is about time for all people to say no to intimidation and to come out to protect the Nation, the Religion and the King, said Dr. Warong.



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