11 July 2024

A large number of Thai netizens have switched their Facebook covers and profile photos to include pictures of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and her favourite colour, purple, as a way of showing their support and respect for her. A trending emoji among Thai citizens on Facebook is a purple heart.

The outpouring of support is in the wake of an incident on the expressway, in which a group of monarchy-reform activists are alleged to have tried to follow her royal motorcade.

Many Facebook users changed their cover photo to a graphic produced by Arwin Intrungsi, deputy dean of the Faculty of Decorative Arts at Silpakorn University, who expressed appreciation to the many users who have shared and used his artwork.

The artwork, featuring the princess walking with notebooks in hand, following her late father HM King Bhumibol, is familiar to the Thai public.

Another popular photo is a screenshot from the music video of the song “Yard Ngue and Roi Yim” (Sweat Drops and Smiles), which narrates the princess’s hard work and cheerful demeanour. The song was composed by Nitipong Hornark, a renowned and veteran songwriter.

Support for the princess extends beyond social media platforms. A group of senators gathered at parliament on Monday to express their support, with female senators seen dressed in purple.

Meanwhile, a group of Chulalongkorn University alumni, called “Klum Chula Rak Prathep” (Chula Alumni in Support of Princess Maha Chakri), has invited people to join a rally this Thursday at 4pm, to offer moral support to the Princess, who is an alumna of the university.

by Marisa Chimprabha