6 June 2024

Thailand’s National Health Security Office will reduce the allowance, given to COVID-19 patients in home or community isolation, to 600 baht per day, from 1,000 baht, to eliminate duplication of allowances, effective from September 1st.

NHSO Secretary-General Dr. Jadet Thamtat-aree said today (Sunday) that they have found that numerous patients in home or community isolation in various provinces are being provided free food by local administration organizations, hence, the decision to cut the food allowance.

Normally, the 1,000 baht daily allowance covers three meals a day, basic medication, counselling and monitoring services, provided by private clinics which have joined the home or community isolation program.

Dr. Jadet said that patients who do not receive free food will not be affected by the cuts, adding that the NHSO has agreed to provide an additional 450 baht a day to patients who need oxygen devices, to cover the cost of oxygen.

Home or community isolation services are provided once a person tests positive for COVID-19 using a rapid antigen test. RT-PCR tests will only be provided to those to be admitted to a field or general hospital.

The NHSO will also cover other expenses, such as chromatography, FIA or RT-PCR tests.