11 July 2024

The Centre for Medical Genomics, at the Faculty of Medicine of Ramathibodi Hospital, reported today (Monday) that Thailand is approaching the “end game” of the COVID-19 pandemic, with “a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel”, as COVID-19 becomes an endemic disease and Omicron the dominant strain.

In its Facebook post, the centre cited COVID-19 tests, conducted at state and private hospitals in Bangkok and its surroundings between January 3rd and 16th, showing the Omicron variant representing 97.1% of all infections and Delta 2.8%. The only exception is in prisons, where 100% are Delta.

The centre said the the temporary period of infection by two variants, Delta and Omicron, is nearing its end.

Pretty soon, the Omicron variant will spread all over Thailand, said the centre, as it cited an earlier forecast by Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor to the US President, stating that almost “just about everybody” will, sooner or later, be infected by the Omicron variant, but the severity of the symptoms will be substantially reduced and the fatality rate will drop rapidly worldwide. He expects the Omicron infections in the US to reach a peak in the coming days.

In Thailand, the centre claimed that natural infections are not high, as most people have received mixed vaccines, with inactivated vaccines being followed by mRNA booster shots.

Although Omicron infections are spiking for now, the centre noted that the fatality rate is steadily dropping and, in the near future, Thailand will witness the “end game” of COVID-19, in which it will become an endemic disease, like the seasonal influenza, which kills 0.1% of those infected.