Increasing demand for crocodile meat helping croc raising farmers

Due to the skyrocketing price of pork in Thailand, the demand for crocodile meat has been increasing, which has helped crocodile farmers affected by the pandemic.

The President of the Thai Crocodile Farmer Association, Yosapong Temsiripong, says that rising consumption of the reptile’s meat has given commercial crocodile farmers some hope. He explained that the farmers have had to bear the costs while they could not sell the crocodiles, especially their skins, due to the pandemic, during which no foreign tourists entered the country and exports were put on hold.

With the significant increase in demand for the meat, the number of crocodiles being slaughtered per month has nearly doubled, to 20,000. Orders from large retailers have also increased.

As to whether the trend will last, Yosapong feels that it depends on whether the consumers, who try the croc meat, like it.

Nonetheless, he believes that there is a high possibility of longer term demand, as the meat can be adapted for use in various recipes and is rich in protein, similar to chicken and pork, but at a lower price, for the time being.


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