Thai film to retell Tham Luang cave rescue drama

A Thai film retelling the dramatic story of the Tham Luang cave rescue operation will start filming in November, the Bangkok Post reported this morning.


Titled “Nang Non” in Thai and “The Cave” in English, the film has been mounted by Tom Waller, a Thai filmmaker of Irish descent, who spoke to the Bangkok Post at the Toronto International Film Festival where he gave a presentation of the project to prospective foreign distributors over the weekend.


“Nang Non,” titled after the name of the mountain range and the cave in Chiang Rai where the 12 Wild Boar football team members and their coach were trapped from June 23 to July 10, is likely to be the first feature film project that materializes after at least five other producers, mostly international ones, have expressed interest in recounting the story that rivetted the world.


“The film is happening,” the Bangkok Post quoted him as saying. Waller’s past films include “The Last Executioner,” about Thailand’s last prison executioner and “Mindfulness and Murder,” a temple-set suspense story in which a monk tries to solve a murder.

He said the film “Nang Non” will focus on “first-person perspectives” and “unsung heroes” who took part in the rescue mission.



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