6 June 2024

The Thai Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) is warning people against ordering South Korean-made COVID-19 home test kits, being offered by an online trader, saying that it has not yet been approved by the administration.

The trader claims, on its Facebook website, that its COVID-19 home test kits have been approved in South Korea and by the World Health Organization and the kits can show results in only 15 minutes.

The TFDA said today (Tuesday) that its officials have conducted an investigation and found that the trader’s claims are false and that the product has not been registered with the TFDA.

The TFDA recommends that people who want to buy home test kits check with the website of Thailand’s Medical Devices Control Division for the list of antigen test kits already approved by the agency and to seek advice from medical personnel about the proper way to handle the kits.

Four antigen test kits have already been approved by the TFDA and they are now available for purchase by the public at hospitals, clinics and pharmacies staffed by pharmacists, who are able to give advice to customers on how to use and dispose of the kits properly.

Each test kit set comes with written instructions and a label, in Thai, which reads “for use by members of the public.”