11 July 2024

The Thai army suspect most illegal workers entered Thailand by sea. The royal navy is now increasing security along coastal and maritime borders in Ranong province.

Royal Thai Armed Forces spokesperson, Lt Gen Chaowalit Sangkarit, asked the public to understand that all officials do their best, but the smuggling networks always find loopholes.

Chaowalit said the supreme commander, General Chalermpol Srisawasdi, has ordered every unit to be very strict in enforcing anti-COVID preventive measures and to cancel all social activities during the outbreak.

The military were also discussing Cobra Gold, the multinational military exercise held annually in Thailand. It is the largest drill in the Indo-Pacific region, and among the world’s largest multinational military exercises, in which the United States participates with allidand partner nations.

Chaowalit said Cobra Gold 2021 will be on a smaller scale than usual, with participants from 30 countries. There will be two phases, the first in February and March, and the field exercise in August.