Thai anti-establishment activists plan rally on Tuesday to pressure Senate

Image Courtesy: United Front of Thammasat and Demonstration

The “United Front of Thammasat and Demonstration” (UFTD), which is affiliated with the Ratsadon anti-establishment group, is urging members of the public to rally in front of the Thai parliament this Tuesday at 5pm, to put pressure on the Senate not to vote against Move Forward party’s Pita Limjaroenrat as Thailand’s 30th prime minister.

The UFTD said on its Facebook page today (Sunday) that the results of the recent general election are an important reflection of the wants and aspirations of the people and theywant to see change, adding that, according to democratic principles, such voices must be heeded.

The 2017 Constitution, however, involves the 250 unelected senators in the selection process for the prime minister.

“It appears that some senators do not agree with the aspirations of the people and they are ready to negate the people’s choice of prime minister and stop change by all means,” said UFTD in its post.

The Senate is scheduled to meet in an extraordinary session on Tuesday, to approve the nomination of members of the Nation Anti-Corruption Commission and the Audit Council.

Several senators have made clear that they will abstain from voting to approve Pita as prime minister, due to the party’s policy to amend or repeal the lèse majesté law.


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