Ten Rohingya plucked from the sea off Satun province by a Thai trawler

Ten Rohingya, from Myanmar’s Rakhine state, were rescued from the sea off the southern border province of Satun by a Thai trawler today (Tuesday).

They were found floating, clinging to chunks of polystyrene foam, between Bulon and Khao Yai islands and were pulled from the sea by the crew of a trawler. They were put ashore in Paknam sub-district of La-ngu district, where they were escorted to a temporary shelter for questioning.

According to immigration officials, the group claimed that they left Rakhine state by boat heading for a third country, believed to be Malaysia. While they were at sea, however, they encountered a storm, forcing them to abandon their vessel.

Immigration officials, however, say they doubt their story and suspect that there may be more Rohingya hiding on islands off Satun coast.


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