Tarutao national park imposes limits on visitors

Following in the footsteps of Similan island which has imposed a limit on the number of visitors to preserve its environment, the Tarutao national park in the southern province of Satun has started a quota system on tourist visits and restrictions on tourist activities on the various islands and beaches in the marine park.

Chief of the park Kanchanapan Kamhaeng said visitors to the national park have been steadily increasing over the years and in order to protect the environment, coral reefs and aquatic lives in the park, it is necessary that certain restrictions be imposed.

He said 500 visitors a day will be permitted at Hat Sai Khao and 700 visitors at Ao Kamnan bay where boats will be banned on the beach.   Only 100 visitors a day will be allowed for Koh Pai and 200 visitors for Koh Hin Ngarm.

Night diving is not permissible and no sunset watching activities and no stones arrangement on Hin Ngarm island.



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