Talks on government formation proceeding – Palang Pracharat party leader

Negotiations on the formation of a coalition government involving the Palang Pracharat and Democrat parties are proceeding and the talks, so far, have not yet touched on the sharing of cabinet portfolios, Palang Pracharat party leader Uttama Savanayana told a news conference at noon today.
He also assured that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha had not been involved in the allocation of cabinet seats among potential coalition partners but, in his capacity as a prime ministerial candidate, he should have a say in the screening of potential cabinet ministers.
Mr. Uttama denied speculation that a faction within his party was demanding the agriculture portfolio, which was reported to have been offered to the Democrat party, adding that talks about cabinet seat allocation should be secondary to the main issue, which is for all the potential coalition partners to join hands in delivering their policies.
The Palang Pracharat party leader also dismissed as untrue reports that the party had wanted its potential allies to vote on the Prime Minister first, even though negotiations on the formation of the government remain unresolved.
He said he would not, at this stage, speculate on whether the Democrats will work with the Palang Pracharat party “as everything is still in the negotiation process.”
He insisted that the party will move next to the other potential allies, namely the Chart Thai Pattana and Chart Pattana parties.
Prime Minister Prayut, meanwhile, made clear that the formation of the government was the responsibility of political parties and he respected the votes of all parties, said Government deputy spokesman Lt-Geen Veerachon Sukhonthapatipark.
The prime minister only wants the country to move forward without disruption and would like all parties concerned to place national interest as top priority, said Lt-Gen Veerachon, adding that the Prime Minister had recommended everyone read the Thai version of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, saying the book offers great food for thought.


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