Farmers asked not to plant second rice crop due to anticipated water shortage

Rice farmers have been asked not to plant a second crop, because there may not be enough water, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives. Although no province…

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Warning of water shortages in 22 provinces

People living in 22 northern, north-eastern, eastern and southern Thai provinces are being advised to brace for shortages of water for consumption during the upcoming dry season. The dry season…

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Farmers to be asked not to plant second rice crop due to water shortage

Farmers in the Chao Phraya River basin may not be able to plant their second rice crop for the 2019-20 season due to insufficient water to meet the demand. According…

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Surin hospital pleads for water as its reserves run out

Water shortages in Thailand’s northeastern province of Surin have reached such a critical level that the provincial hospital has appealed for help from all agencies concerned, while many residents have…

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NE farmers defy request not to pump irrigation water from the Chi River

Farmers in Thailand’s northeastern province of Maha Sarakham are defying requests from the provincial irrigation office, to conserve supplies for consumption, not to pump water from the Chi River. The…

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Phuket faces water shortage which may become critical in May if there are no rains

Thailand’s popular tourist destination of Phuket is now experiencing water shortage, with water in the province’s three reservoirs just enough for the production of tap water until May and the…

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