Thailand’s new liquor regulation: Small brewers’ delight or business as usual?

Although the government has issued a new regulation promising to liberalize Thailand’s alcohol sector, critics see little hope of small brewers breaking the market domination of a few giant producers….

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Historic bill to liberalise Thailand’s liquor industry passes its first reading

The opposition Move Forward party’s Progressive Liquor Bill, which seeks to break the oligopoly of corporate brewers and provide business opportunities for small-scale, community based entrepreneurs, sailed through its first…

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Thai cabinet rejects draft Progressive Liquor Bill

The Thai cabinet rejected the Move Forward Party’s draft Progressive Liquor Bill yesterday (Tuesday), which seeks to liberalise the production of liquor for non-commercial purpose. Deputy Government Spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek…

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Thamanat’s group votes with Opposition over Thailand’s draft liquor bill

Several Thai Economic Party MPs, led by former Palang Pracharath party secretary-generalThamanat Prompow, voted with the Opposition in supporting the draft liquor bill, aimed at breaking the domestic liquor oligopoly,…

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“Doing parliamentary duties” is a divisive term

Thailand’s ‘progressive’ liquor bill stalled as vetting by cabinet required

The House of Representatives today (Wednesday) decided to forward a “progressive” liquor draft bill, which seeks to break the oligopoly in liquor production in Thailand and allow new producers to enjoy…

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