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Tit-for-tat battle between Future Forward and Palang Pracharat MPs begins

In what was seen as the possible start of a tit-for-tat battle between the Government and Opposition camps, the Future Forward party is to ask the Election Commission (EC) to…

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Photo from Charter Court FB

Charter court asked to drop media share case against Palang Pracharat MPs

In its latest move over the case of 27 Palang Pracharat MPs accused of holding media shares, the party’s legal team has asked the Constitutional Court to dismiss the case…

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(Photo) Mr. Tossaphol Pengsom, who was tasked with collecting evidence from the Palang Pracharat’s 27 MPs.

Palang Pracharat prepares defence for 27 MPs accused of owning media shares

The Palang Pracharat party has appointed a party member to gather evidence from the party’s 27 MPs for use in their defence in the Constitutional Court against the accusations, from…

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Charter Court suspends Thanathorn from performing duties as an MP

Future Forward party leader Thanathorn Juangroongkit’s promising political career came to a sudden halt today when the Constitutional Court suspended his role as a member of parliament pending a final…

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Photo from Charter Court FB

Charter court decides today if it will accept Thanathorn’s share ownership case

Thailand’s Constitutional Court is today scheduled to consider whether to accept the Election Commission’s (EC) petition for the court to rule on the qualifications of Future Forward party leader Thanathorn…

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