Vivid Ethnicity Exhibition at Koh Lanta.

Today’s museums must connect with visitors, but how?

Museums and cultural institutions bring learning to life, enabling members of the public to get close to history and culture. They are able not just to educate adults, but also…

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Woods behind Mahidol U in Kanchanaburi off-limits after tiger sighting

Mahidol University in Kanchanaburi has banned its students and staff from venturing into the woods behind the campus, after a tiger was seen by a villager in the forest last…

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Tiger seen behind Mahidol University in Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province

A tiger was sighted early yesterday morning (Friday) in the woods behind the Mahidol University campus in Sai Yok district of Kanchanaburi province. A villager from Lum Sum sub-district, Pranom…

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How safe is Thai society for children?

An average of 7,631 Thais, aged under 14, died each year from 2017 to 2020 from illnesses and non-illness related causes, according to the Institute for Population and Social Research…

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Thai students win international award for space technology

A group of engineering students from Thailand’s   has won an international award in Japan for their space technology project, which aims to develop a special drug to protect human DNA…

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Mouthwash developed by Mahidol Uni can kill coronavirus in the mouth

The faculties of Dentistry and Tropical Medicine at Thailand’s Mahidol University claim to have jointly developed a mouthwash formula which is 99% effective at killing the COVID-19 virus in the…

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Photo from AFP

604 Thai medics demand mRNA vaccines for frontline medical personnel

A group of 604 medical personnel, at Ramathibodi Chakri Naruebodindra Hospital of Mahidol University, have signed a joint statement demanding that the Thai government procure mRNA or Protein Subunit vaccines…

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Mahidol-GPO’s human trials of its COVID-19 vaccine show promising results

The first phase of human trials of Thailand’s vaccine candidate, jointly developed domestically by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) and the Tropical Medicine Faculty of Mahidol University, has produced a…

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Mahidol U denies any connection to claims that Fingerroot halts spread of COVID-19 in humans

Mahidol University has issued a statement, saying it has nothing to do with claims by product advertisers that extracts from Fingerroot, or Chinese ginger (boesenbergia rotunda), can kill the virus…

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Thailand Minister High Education

Higher Education Minister Anek’s path from student activist to enemy of student protesters 

As an academic, Anek Laothamatas made his name with a “Tale of Two Democracies”, which explores the divide in Thai society between the rural and urban sectors. But in his…

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(photo by Sasin Tipchai)

Beating the summer heat

Experts offer some tips on how people can avoid the dangers associated with a sweaty summer day Summer has officially come to Thailand. The season is the best time for…

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Inactivated Thai vaccines expected to be approved by year end and begin manufacture next year

The Government Pharmaceutical Organisation and Mahidol University’s Faculty of Tropical Medicine have developed and are about to start human trials of an inactivated virus COVID-19 vaccine. The participating volunteers must…

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File Photo

Thailand reports 7 new COVID-19 cases, including a TV celebrity

The Thai Public Health Ministry today reported seven new COVID-19 cases, including four members of the same family and celebrity TV actor Matthew Dean. Public Health Permanent Secretary Dr. Suhum…

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