Personalised medicine, the future of healthcare

Thai PBS World spoke with Professor Aaron Ciechanover, a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in 2004. His discovery, along with two other scientists, of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation has significantly advanced research…

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Parliament’s historic step: Mental health challenges and budget priorities in Thailand

History was made in December when psychiatric issues were, for the first time, officially discussed in parliament, raising interest among the Thai people. Sasima Phaibool, 38, who has bipolar disorder,…

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Ensuring climate-resilient healthcare for all Thai citizens

Access to healthcare is a fundamental right for all citizens, but how safe are the hospitals themselves, in the face of escalating environmental damage from climate change? A new assessment…

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Thai men to enjoy maternity benefits on behalf of their wives

Thai men who have made contributions to the Social Security Fund can now claim refunds for medical check-ups, pre-natal care and child delivery expenses from the Office of Social Security…

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How smart technology helps in healthcare

Science and technology make life easier, safer and more comfortable for us all. In the medical and healthcare fields, advances in science and medical technology have generated vaccines to tackle…

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The pharmacist will see you now: Has Thailand found cure for hospital overcrowding?

At 59, Wan needs to visit a doctor every four months to keep her hypertension and high cholesterol under control. So, she ends up being a factor in hospital overcrowding…

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Barriers to transgender people accessing Thailand’s healthcare system

“Trans people avoid and do not have a decent access to healthcare because there is a stigma. They were often discriminated against and verbally violated,” said Kittinun Daramadhaj, a lawyer…

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A guide to the UCEP Plus treatment scheme for COVID-19 patients

From March 16, people who test positive for COVID-19 will no longer be able to claim free treatment under Thailand’s Universal Coverage for Emergency Patients (UCEP). However, those with serious…

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How will removing COVID-19 from list of emergency conditions affect you?

Despite rising COVID-19 cases in Thailand, the Public Health Ministry will soon stop providing free emergency treatment at private hospitals for patients who have caught the highly transmissible virus. The…

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Thai Health Ministry to remove COVID-19 from emergency coverage list on March 1

COVID-19 patients will no longer be covered by the Universal Coverage for Emergency Patients (UCEP) scheme from March 1st and will have to pay their own medical bills if they…

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Thai national health gold card holders to get six additional free services

Thailand’s National Health Security Office (NHSO) has agreed to provide six additional free health services to holders of gold health cards from January 1st. According to Assoc. Prof. Prasobsri Ungthavorn…

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