BAAC offers 1 year debt moratorium to 3.3 million farmers and farmer’s groups

Thailand’s state-run Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Co-operatives (BAAC) has agreed to grant a one-year debt moratorium to 3.3 million farmers, farmer’s groups, agricultural cooperatives and village funds from April….

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(Photo) Facebook/Finance Minister Uttama Savanayana

Government rolls out three new economic stimulus packages

In yet another attempt to boost the economic growth rate, from Q3’s 2.4%, the cabinet today rolled out three new stimulus packages to ease a backlog of 270,000 unsold condominium…

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Teachers demand a moratorium to their debts to GSB for six months

About 450,000 teachers who are members of the funeral welfare fund for teachers have vowed to stop reimbursing the Government Savings Bank for debts they owe to the bank starting…

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