COVID patients caught in crossfire of battle over drug monopoly

Although COVID-19 patients have the option of being treated at private hospitals, health authorities still insist that doctors only prescribe antiviral drugs according to Medical Services Department (MDS) guidelines. Other…

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A guide to the UCEP Plus treatment scheme for COVID-19 patients

From March 16, people who test positive for COVID-19 will no longer be able to claim free treatment under Thailand’s Universal Coverage for Emergency Patients (UCEP). However, those with serious…

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Thailand is transitioning to an endemic, so what happens now if you catch COVID?

With COVID-19 now spreading at a rate of more than 20,000 officially confirmed new infections per day, everyone is at risk of catching the disease. So, many people will be…

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How will removing COVID-19 from list of emergency conditions affect you?

Despite rising COVID-19 cases in Thailand, the Public Health Ministry will soon stop providing free emergency treatment at private hospitals for patients who have caught the highly transmissible virus. The…

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Thailand’s herbal heroes stand ready to fight against COVID-19

Green Chiretta (Fah Talai Jone) and certain other medicinal herbs are selling like hotcakes now that the public has realized they can help keep COVID-19 at bay. The Public Health…

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Thailand hospital ambulance

Is treatment for COVID-19 really free in Thailand?

Despite the government’s repeated assurance that treatment for COVID-19 is free, not everyone is convinced. Copies of hefty hospital bills for COVID care are circulating widely on social media platforms….

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