Political parties can no longer evade household debt crisis facing Thailand

Household debt has become an alarming issue for the country, and as Thailand heads towards a general election this year, it’s a ticking bomb that needs the urgent attention of…

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Thailand’s economy in 2023 could pose multiple challenges to government and central bank

Thailand’s gross domestic product (GDP) will expand by around 3-4 percent this year, only slightly higher than last year’s 3.2 percent, the National Economic and Social Development Council, a state…

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The baht feels the weight of strengthening US dollar

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) has been facing the delicate task of navigating the baht and the economy through turbulent waters.  As the government has apparently almost run out of…

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Many analysts have pointed out that tensions between major world superpowers have intensified, which will further restrict international trade and prolong the high price of energy. (Photo by @tawatchai07)

Global headwinds could blow Thai economy off track 

The decelerating export growth in July has raised concerns that the outlook for Thailand’s economic growth may be bleak because of an increasingly likely global slowdown. The Thai economy grew…

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Should the BOT raise the policy rate and commercial banks by raising their lending and deposit rates, it would be a blow to borrowers, especially those with mortgage and car-hire purchase debt. (Photo by Jack TAYLOR / AFP)

How long can Thailand’s central bank swim against the tide?

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) has come under high pressure to react as domestic inflation has been climbing fast and other central banks, especially the US Federal Reserve (Fed), have…

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Thai banks assure systems are in place to protect against cyber scams

Commercial banks in Thailand have put in place measures to protect their credit and debit card holders from cyber fraudsters who, between October 1st and 17th, stole about 130 million…

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The photo, taken in January 2020, shows a physical imitation of a Bitcoin in Dortmund, western Germany. (Photo by INA FASSBENDER / AFP)

The rewards (and risks) of Thailand’s big bet on cryptocurrency

As more people and businesses invest in digital currencies, the Bank of Thailand (BOT) faces the delicate task of trying to balance financial stability and investor protection on the one…

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