What the weakening baht means for Thailand’s economy

The plunging value of the baht appears ominous and raises worrying questions about its impact on the Thai economy. On Friday (July 15), the baht fell to 36.73 to the US dollar, its…

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The severe fallout from the pandemic and the sudden collapse of the tourism industry — which accounts for about 20 percent of Thailand’s gross domestic product (GDP) — has weakened the baht, pushing it to a five-year low. (Photo by Kiratikorn Naksompop Blauw)

Baht’s current slide is a grim reminder of its crash 25 years ago 

On July 1, at some point during the day, the baht fell to 35.66 to the dollar, its weakest in five years. It closed at 35.63 at the end of…

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Weaker baht may not help economy if COVID not contained

The baht has seen a steady slide for weeks amid a surge in COVID-19 infections and deaths recently. The baht fell to 33.39 to the US dollar at one point…

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