6 June 2024

Police and army officers raided a hotel-based pub in Bangkok’s Sutthisan area late last night (Saturday), but they found nothing illegal.

Responding to complaints from residents living in the hotel’s neighbourhood, Sutthisan police and officers from the Internal Security Operations Command were sent to investigate.

The officials checked a pub inside the hotel and found it busy. They checked their passports and ID cards and found none were under 20, urine tests for drugs all showed negative results and no unused illegal narcotics were found.

A team of Thai PBS reporters, who accompanied the police on the raid, report that the entertainment facilities are located on the 1st and 5th floors of the hotel. In addition to the pub, there are also several karaoke rooms.

Dice were found in the pub, but they were used to play games among groups of drinkers. Some small plastic bags and straws were found in a few drawers, but there were no traces of illicit drugs.

The police also searched the garbage bins, but still failed to find any evidence of illegality.