“Surfing” moves from the sea to the streets – Thai PBS World Tonight [28th April 2021]

When we were kids, some of us might have had swimming or piano lessons after school but, in 2020, another pastime grew extremely popular with youngsters. 

They call it ‘Surf Skating’.

Invented by surfers who wanted to “surf” on land, Surf Skating hit the streets of Bangkok, with an increasing number of malls and public spaces providing ramps. This has helped the sport grow in popularity, with all age groups getting involved and making it a truely family pastime.

At the Walking Market, on Ramintra road, we witnessed children as young as 5 surf skating the ramps and we caught up with Surf Skate teacher ‘Keiwan Nuchngiw’ to ask him why he thinks the sport has become so popular so quickly.

Surf Skating became very popular when social distancing was being strictly enforced, as an important measure to limit the spread of COVID-19. People couldn’t travel, and this was, and still is, something fun to do, without having to involve a crowd.


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