11 July 2024

His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch has urged Thai people to strive to do good by being selfless and righteous, which will bring them inner peace and prosperity to others.

In his New Year’s speech, the Supreme Patriarch said it is normal in a society for people to have diverse thoughts, beliefs and pride, which may lead to friction and exploitation.

Normal as it is, and no one likes it, he said that it is strange that most people are aware that thinking, speaking and doing good bring benefits to them and other people, yet they are reluctant to strive to do so.

Sending greeting cards, offering an apology or expressing good wishes to other people as we enter a New Year are graceful acts, which should be appreciated, said the Supreme Patriarch, adding that such acts reflect the consciousness of civilised people.

His Holiness expressed his good wishes for the nation and his desire for the Thai people to maintain unity in the coming New Year.