23 May 2024

Thanks to the Chim-Shop-Chai (Eat-Shop-Spend) stimulus package, the Government’s popularity has increased from 14.1% in October to 25.6% in November, according to Super Poll.

Super Poll Research Office director Noppadol Kannika said today that they conducted a random opinion survey between November 20th and 30th and interviewed 1,098 people in various occupations.

He said that government’s popularity following the March 24th general election fell steadily from 23.3% in April to 10.1% in July, 17.1% in September and 14.1% in October, prior to rebounding to 25.6% in November, mostly due to the Chim-Shop-Chai program.

More importantly, he said that the number of people opposing the Government had fallen from 42.2% in October to 25.4% in November.

Grouped by age, Noppadol said the Baby Boomer Generation, born between 1946 and 1964, was the largest single group supportive of the Government with 28.6%, compared to Generation Z, which is the least supportive of the Government at 17.9%. Generation Y, or millennials, who support the Government represent 26.8% compared to 22.6% who are not supportive.

Of low income-earners, earning less than 10,000 baht a month, 28.3% support the Government, compared to 25.8% who are not supportive.  Those who earn 30,000 baht/month or more are less inclined to support the Government, accounting for 31.1%, compared to 14.8% in support.

Provincially, support for the Government appears to be growing, accounting for 29.1%, while Bangkok residents are less supportive, at 28.3%.